For my first ever use of the Jetta as a pickup truck, I drove out to CT after work yesterday and picked up this air compressor.

It requires a small amount of love. It works great, but needs new gauges and maybe a new pressure switch...the lever is broken and it’s stuck on auto, which is fine.

It’s a 2 stage, 20 gallon, 175psi vertical which is basically a what’s what list of everything I wanted. I paid 50% less for it than I was prepared to pay for a 30 gallon single stage, and having gotten this one into my shed I’m glad I didn’t go 30 gallon. I’m going to have to do some work to find a place for this dude, kinda bummed that it won’t fit at the end of my work bench but whatever.

I’ve got a 50 foot reel mounted to the shed for backyard repairs, and I’ve got a 100 foot reel/hose for airing up car tires out in front of my house. I’m going to put together a manifold system for inside the shed so I can just switch valves on and off to go from one reel to the other, but that’s a project for 2019 Kurtis.